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Cryo-EM Services

We've already industrialized protein crystallography, now we're industrializing cryo-EM. We strive to deliver elucidation of even the most complex structures through the establishment of the RIGHT protein and application of premium cryo-EM platform technology and expertise.

Cryo-EM is emerging as a method for determining structures of novel targets, where X-ray crystallography may not be feasible. However, getting the right high quality protein sample along with having infrastructure to determine feasibility of such approaches is critical to successfully obtain high resolution structures by cryo-EM.

Reach right faster to obtain Cryo-EM structures 

What if there was an integrated platform that combined world class protein science with cryo-EM infrastructure? 

There is!  We call it the Proteros Integrated Cryo-EM Workbench. 

  • Dedicated team for protein construct design, expression and purification with rigorous quality control for cryo-EM
  • EM feasibility analysis (including negative staining EM)
  • Cryo-EM condition optimization and structure determination
  • Special target expertise for various target classes

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Access to our world-class integrated protein science and Cryo-EM solutions

With our industrial cryo-EM Services, you get full access to our world-class protein science, feasibility analysis and structural determination helping you to Reach Right Faster.

Our cryo-EM Services is sub-divided into three major sections. You can make use of the recommended full service or pick and choose individual service elements according to your project demand!



  • Construct design
  • Expression systems: E.coli, insect, mammalian, yeast
  • Purification and rigorous analytics-driven Quality Control


  • Purity, Homogeneity and Stability testing
  • Negative Staining EM
  • Ligand-Protein interaction analysis


  • Cryo-EM condition optimization
  • Low-Resolution cryo-EM and/or
  • High-Resolution cryo-EM


Protein for cryo-EM

  • Construct design
  • Gene synthesis
  • Expression
  • Purification
  • Analytics-driven Quality Control
  • Product and data delivery

EM feasibility Analysis

  • Negative staining EM
  • 2D classification
  • EM feasibility (to prove homogeneity and complex stability)
  • Data driven decision on "how-to-proceed"
  • Optimization of cryo-EM grid freezing conditions and Cryo-EM 2D classification



First Structure

  • Collection of 12 h data sets (Glacios)
  • Data processing and structure refinement
  • Low-resolution cryo-EM structure (3D envelope, < 10 Å)
  • X-ray structures can be fitted into density
  • Visualization of protein/complex architecture
  • Visualization of antibody-antigen interaction

High-resolution cryo-EM

  • Collection of 24 - 72 h datasets (Glacios & Krios)
  • Data processing and structure refinement
  • High-resolution cryo-EM structure (visible side-chains, < 4 Å)
  • Visualization of ligand-binding mode
  • Validation of binding mode
  • Enables structure-based drug design

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