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"Fit-for-function" Proteins

For a protein to be "fit-for-function" and work in your experiment it needs more than just a Purity %.

 It needs to have the right functionality, right construct, right homogeneity, right post-translational modifications, right complex composition, right stability, right species, right activity and right purity as well.

We don't just make protein, we understand the downstream applications and deliver the RIGHT protein.

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Proteins, Structures and Assays


Gene-To-Protein Process

The Proteros Protein Science Project Process covers


Construct Design

  • Secondary structure prediction and 3-D modelling
  • Disorder Predictions
  • Crystal packing engineering
  • Secretion signal peptides

Gene Synthesis

  • Length variants
  • Deletions / insertions
  • Point mutations
  • Chimeric variants
  • Artificial protease recognition sites
  • Surrogates


Full suite of expression systems:

  • E. coli
  • Yeast
  • Insect cells
  • Mammalian cells


  • Full suite of chromatographic purification techniques
  • Analytical-data-driven purification
  • Dedicated lab space for "endotoxin-free" purification

Quality control

Identity / Functionality / Purity / Species / Activity / Stability / Homogeneity / PT modifications / Conjugate / Complex composition / Quantity / Endotoxin-level / Crystallizability

Product and Data Delivery

  • Prompt delivery of "fit-for-function" grade protein
  • Data package covering agreed quality metrics
  • Product Information Sheet

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