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Structural Biology Technologies

Protein-ligand structural elucidation challenges?

X-Ray or cryo-EM?


Our industrialised processes are tried and tested, generating over 700 meaningful structures per year for drug discovery. Our facilities and experts are equipped to handle even the most challenging drug targets for your structural elucidation. Check out what Proteros can do for you in both disciplines.


Premium, industrialized cryo-EM Facility. The cryo-EM process at Proteros has been developed and honed to reliably generate structural data. From our in-house experts in protein preparation and cryo-EM, to our range of microscopes we have the experience and technology to deliver world-class results to help you REACH RIGHT FASTER.

Protein Science

Expression, Purification and Analytics

Top-tier protein science platform to deliver the RIGHT proteins and complexes

Grid Preparation & Negative Staining

  • Grid preparation (Vitrobot Mark IV)

  • Tecnai Spirit  & Phillips CM100 microscopes access for negative staining EM screening and data collection

High-end cryo-EM microscopes

  • Glacios cryo-EM microscope with cutting-edge Falcon 4 direct electron detector for cryo-EM grid screening, low- and high-resolution data collection (≥ 3 Å resolution); also access to Titan Krios  (2-3 Å)


Premium, industrialized X-Ray Crystallography facility. We look back upon 20 successful years of serving the pharma and biotech drug discovery community with meaningful structures. We have optimized every single step from protein construct design down to high-resolution structure for you. We use automation combined with deep industry expertise to provide a reliable process for generating high-resolution crystallography data to help you REACH RIGHT FASTER. 


Expression, Purification and Analytics

Top-tier protein science platform to deliver the RIGHT protein sample

Industrialized crystallization platform

Robotics for efficient and reliable drop setting
up to 2000 initial crystallization conditions 
Automated imaging  to monitor crystallization events

Free Mounting System

Optimizes protein crystal diffraction characteristics.

Additional FMS modules:

    • FMS-Laser applies defined heat cycles
    • FMS-Aerosol Generator applies organic solvents or ligands
    • FMS-cryo Switch gently freezes crystals

DATA Collection

  • Co-ownership of a synchrotron beamline Swiss Light Source, SLS (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland; Photo source/credit: Paul Scherrer Institute)

  • Premium Eiger2 X 16M detector and automatic sample changer TELL

  • On-site and remote access 

Structural Elucidation

  • Proprietary automated pipeline for data processing and structure solution (MIR/MAD/SAD and Molecular Replacement)
    • STARANISO (Global Phasing Ltd) to enable challenging anisotropic data processing 
    • Integrated with Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) 

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