Protein Science Technology Platform

At Proteros we understand that the getting access to the right protein is the major hurdle for the successful downstream research applications within the drug discovery process. Over the last two decades we have consequently and substantially invested and expanded our Protein Science expert team, technology patform, capabilities and service scope to one of the most advanced research protein service team in the drug discovery industry

Top-tier protein science platform to deliver the RIGHT proteins and complexes


  • Full suite of expression systems:
    E. coli, Yeast, Insect and Mammalian cells
  • Expression at scale:
    • E. coli: up to 400L per week
    • Insect cells: up to 200L per week
    • Mammalian cells: up to 200L per week
    • Yeast cells: 10L fermenter
  • "Endotoxin free" environment available for biologics


  • Full suite of chromatographic purification techniques including 60+ Aktas
  • Analytical-data-driven purification (HPLC, SEC-RI-MALS, Mass Spec, SDS-Page, CE-SDS)
  • Various strategies like refolding, co-purification with Ligands, Binding Partners, etc.

Quality Control and Analytics

  • HPLC-based methods
  • Mass spectrometry including Bruker maXis
  • Endotoxin Determination

Ligand-Protein Interaction Analysis

  • SPR
  • nanoDSF
  • Proteros RDA
  • MST
  • ITC

Structural Biology Suitability Assessment

  • Protein crystallography
  • Cryo-EM

Proteros Statistics


protein structures elucidated


pharma companies in US, Europe and Japan


recombinant proteins per year


meaningful structures/year