Proteros Gallery Assays (based on Reporter Displacement Assay)

Gallery Assays - Proteros has established Reporter Displacement Assays for > 100 protein targets.

The RDA Gallery assays are applicable for library screening, affinity profiling and kinetic profiling immediately.

  • The RDA can be used to profile ligands as fragments, small molecules, peptides, protein-protein-interactions and biologics
  • Reporter probes are designed from small molecules, peptides, DNA, co-factors, protein binding partners (PPI) and biologics. The RDA can be used for soluble proteins and membrane proteins.
  • The RDA represents a truly high throughput binding assay
  • Reporter probes are designed that bind to the target site of interest
  • Reporter probe binding to the target leads to a specific optical signal that can be read in 384 well format
  • When the ligand of interest binds to the target, the reporter probe is displaced, which leads to a dose dependent loss of the reporter probe binding signal
  • At equilibrium, compound affinity can be determined (Kd). Monitoring the time dependent signal loss yields the compound’s binding kinetics (koff, kon and the residence time for non-covalent ligands and kinact for covalent ligands)

Gallery Assays - The Proteros reporter displacement assay (RDA)


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