Structural Biology

Pioneer in structural biology services

In-house cryo-EM and more than 7,000 X-Ray structures solved 

Proteros heritage lies in Protein X-Ray structures. Based on a 30 years academic history, rewarded by a Nobel Prize of Prof. Dr. Dr. Robert Huber related to protein crystallography, Proteros became one of the first service provider focusing on structural biology (please refer to "our history").

We represent a very large and well experienced X-Ray crystallography service group, covering more than 25 structural biologists, including 4 cryo-EM experts, all  with a strong academic pedigree, numerous peer reviewed publications and have solved more than 7,000 structures.

Our technology platform includes co-ownership of a synchrotron beamline at the well-known Swiss Light Source and proprietary technologies (Free Mounting System) for crystal optimization. 

Proteros Premium Structural Services

We offer premium X-Ray and cryo-EM services covering:

  • The RIGHT protein science and construct design
  • Crystallization, data collection, structure determination
  • Access to X-ray including synchrotron and in-house cryo-EM
We have an in-depth experience of successfully working with a wide range of drug targets, including:
  • Membrane proteins / epigenetic complexes
  • Protein complexes / protein-DNA/RNA complexes
  • Protein/lipid kinases / proteases
  • Biologics (Fab-Antigen structures).


Proteins, Structures and Assays


Structural Biology Services

Elucidation of even the most complex structures through the delivery of the RIGHT protein and application of high-resolution protein crystallography and cryo-EM

X-Ray Gallery Structures

Proteros has established protein production and crystallization protocols for hundreds of targets. Search our gallery database for your target of interest.

Accelerated timelines for receipt of your desired structure!

Why Gallery Structures?
  • Broad access to established crystal systems
  • Synchrotron data collection
  • High success rate
  • Very short timelines

If your target of interest is not listed, please consider our "Gene-to-Structure" or Custom Services.

SLS Syncrotron_NTC_CG-1

Photo source/credit: Paul Scherrer Institute

X-ray Gene-to-Structure 

Industrialized protein crystallography services with co-ownership of a synchrotron beamline for high-resolution structural elucidation.  

Proteros Crystallography service can include: 
  • Construct definition, protein production, and purification
  • Crystallization screening across up to 2,000 initial conditions
  • In-house crystal diffraction quality check
  • Data collection at the Swiss Light Source, SLS, industrial Beamline PXII and structure analysis
  • Synergistic access to in-house biophysical ligand-target interaction analyses: functional expression, protein stability, correct folding, glycosylation patterns, target-ligand affinity, kinetics and residence time.

Cryo-EM Structures

We have already industrialized Protein X-Ray Crystallography – now we are industrializing Protein cryo-EM !

Proteros cryo-EM Service includes:
  • Protein preparation for cryo-EM
  • EM-feasibility analysis
  • Cryo-EM condition optimization
  • Low/High resolution cryo-EM structure analysis
In a project you can enter and leave the cryo-EM process at nearly any stage depending on your requirements, however we recommend our complete cryo-EM service.
With direct and instant access to protein science, grid preparation, condition optimisation and the latest high-resolution cryo-electron microscopes, you can be sure to REACH RIGHT FASTER for your downstream application.

proteros_1_Speed_CG (1)

Our structural biology track record

Proteros has a continuous track record of more than two decade with global Pharma and Biotech in the USA, Europe, and AP, unlocking technically demanding and novel targets for small molecule drug discovery.

  • Uncovered more than 250 different targets over the last 3 years including membrane proteins, epigenetic protein complexes, RNA/DNA binding proteins, proteases, kinases, phosphatases and lipases
  • Completed more than 6,000 structural biology projects, averaging 700+ meaningful and valuable structures per year for drug discovery research
  • 200+ Gallery Structures established with defined protein production and crystal condition recipes for swift Protein-Ligand structure determination
  • Our project success rate is >90% in terms of quality, reaching milestones and timelines