Proteros Biostructures and X-Chem to Offer Comprehensive Joint Target-to-Lead Drug Discovery Services


Munich, Germany and Waltham, Mass – October 1, 2020 - Proteros Biostructures GmbH (Proteros) and X-Chem, Inc. (X-Chem) announced today the launch of an alliance with the goal of offering Hit-Identification and Target-to-Lead drug discovery services based on their complementary technology platforms. The alliance combines Proteros’ strengths in protein sciences, structural biology (crystallography and CryoEM), and biophysical mode of action analysis with X-Chem’s industry-leading DNA-encoded chemical library (DEXTM) platform and medicinal chemistry capabilities. The seamless approach will enable drug discovery organizations to increase the chance of finding lead-like compounds for their drug targets.

Research & Development teams are under increasing pressure to find novel chemical matter for the generation of lead compounds. Proterosʼ enabling technologies and structural biology led drug discovery approach, in combination with X-Chemʼs vast and diverse DNA-encoded chemical library, facilitates the identification of novel hit compounds at an unprecedented rate with much higher confidence in their success.

DNA-encoded libraries enable the pooled screening of billions of chemical compounds in a single experiment. The small molecules that bind to the target are rapidly identified by sequencing the DNA tags attached to each library member. This process significantly speeds up screening and allows researchers to sample an unmatched diversity chemical space.  X-Chem’s collection of advanced DEXTM libraries contain hundreds of billions of small-molecules including lead-like heterocycles, macrocycles, and covalent compounds.  

The partnership between Proteros and X-Chem will give biopharma R&D groups streamlined access to reagents and screening for “notoriously difficult” targets including GPCRs, ion-channels, transporters, protein-protein interactions, phosphatases, E3 ligases, and other difficult to drug target classes.

“X-Chem is pleased to enter into a strategic alliance with Proteros, a renowned leader in the structural biology field whose superior proteins meet the exacting requirements for a successful DEX™ screen,” said Matt Clark, CEO of X-Chem.  “Our combined capabilities have already contributed to the success of numerous DEX screening campaigns, and we are thrilled to leverage our alliance with Proteros to facilitate better outcomes for X-Chem’s drug discovery partnerships.”

“The collaboration with X-Chem, a premium provider of DNA encoded libraries, brings together two complementary technology platforms to provide a valuable service to our drug discovery partners.” commented Torsten Neuefeind, Chief Executive Officer of Proteros.  “The identification of attractive and novel chemical against a variety of drug targets is a key success factor for our customers, and addresses a critical market demand.”


About Proteros biostructures GmbH

Proteros, Munich, Germany is a private biotechnology company providing high end early stage drug discovery services. With roots in Nobel-prize winning science environment Proteros prides itself on the quality of science and the delivery of industry-level service-throughput for many pharmaceutical, biotech, and non-profit organizations across the globe. For more information please visit


About X-Chem

X-Chem is the industry-leading provider of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL)-based discovery services.  X-Chem has established partnerships with AbbVie, Alexion, Almirall, ALK, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Department of Defense/Harvard, Gilead, Janssen, Maruho, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Ono, Otsuka, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Taiho Pharma, Vertex, and several other leading pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organizations, and academic centers looking to access to cutting edge scientific expertise to support an increasingly challenging drug discovery process.  For further information, please visit:


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