Our history

Professor Dr. Robert Huber

What is the origin of the name Proteros?


The term ‘protein” is derived from the greek word “proteios” which means “the first quality” or “of prime importance” - as proteins are mayor functional components of the human body and all organisms. The drug discovery work of the company Proteros is mostly based on the functionality of proteins and drug targets and the brand stands for scientific excellence.

Many drugs currently available were discovered by empirical screening of compound libraries or serendipitous observations. On the other hand a “rational” approach involves the structure based route based on the 3dimensional high resolution structure of a target protein. Based on this, binding ligands and drug candidates – similar to the interaction of a lock and a key - could be improved or hypothetically predicted.

One of the pioneers in structural biology is Prof. Drs. mult. Robert Huber, who over decades contributed to the development of protein x-ray crystallography at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried. His contributions culminated in becoming awarded the Nobel Prize in 1988 for the elucidation of the photosynthetic reaction center. When Proteros started its business in 2000 as the first service provider for structural biology services,  Prof. Huber was willing to act as a co-founder and to support Proteros with his scientific expertise, reputation and single proprietary technologies, licensed from the Max Planck society.